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Draw Climber draws legs for a square block to overcome reach the finish line. The game challenges your logical thinking ability and stimulates your creativity.

Draw the legs for a square

Each obstacle requires a different foot shape to overcome. Players must draw new legs every time they face a new challenge, requiring agility and timely reactions. This creates a dynamic and exciting gaming experience where each level brings a new challenge.

Each time you successfully pass a challenge, you will receive a corresponding amount of money. Use the coins collected in the game to unlock new objects, enriching your collection and gaming experience.

Use the mouse or touch the screen to draw the leg you want, it will duplicate itself into a pair of legs according to your drawing and begin the challenge. Let's look forward to the results with the legs drawn by you. Completing the challenge successfully or failing depends on your ability.

Features creative thinking of players

The game encourages player creativity and thinking through its unique gameplay mechanics. Requires players to think quickly and creatively to find the most suitable foot shape for each specific situation.

Each level in the game may require a different leg shape, depending on the type of obstacle and terrain. For example, long legs can help the cube move faster on flat surfaces, but when encountering rough or narrow terrain, short legs become more effective. The player can also change legs during movement to adapt to changes in the environment.

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