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Visit the fruit kingdom

Fruita Crush takes you into the fruit kingdom. You will encounter many different types of fruits. Complete the challenge with the fewest moves of each level.

Mechanics of the game

The game board consists of a grid filled with different fruits such as bananas, pineapples, strawberries, ect. What you need to do is swap adjacent fruits to form rows or columns of three or more fruits of the same color. Swapping is done by tapping and dragging a fruit in the horizontal or vertical direction to match it with the adjacent fruit.

Pair and create special fruits

Matching three fruits of the same type will remove them from the board and earn you points. However, creating special fruits can be more powerful. Special Fruits are formed by combining four or more fruits in specific patterns. Some examples of specialty fruits include striped fruits, wrapped fruits and color bombs. Experiment with different combinations of fruits to create these special fruits and promote their effects.

Use a special combination of fruits

Combining special fruits can lead to even more powerful effects. For example, combining two striped fruits will create a straight line that erases entire rows and columns. Combining striped fruits with wrapped fruits will create a big explosion. Explore different combinations to maximize your score and complete level goals more efficiently.

Manage your moves

Each level gives you a limited number of moves to achieve the goal. Plan your moves carefully and try to make the most of each step. If you don't complete a level, you will lose a life. Lives will be replenished over time, or you can request lives from friends who also play the game.

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