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Farm Match Saga takes you into the world of match 3 puzzle games, filled with a variety of tropical fruits. Match three fruits of the same type together.

Merge the fruits

The game starts with a board containing many different fruits such as eggplant, tomatoes, watermelon, and dragon fruit. They are arranged mixed together and are not of the same type. The task you need to do is to match 3 fruits, accumulating as many points as possible. Matching three or more fruits will add points to your accumulated score. Matching many fruits at the same time will add more points.

Unlimited time

This is a game with no time limit. The time you play depends on whether you make many matches or not. A time column in the left corner of the screen will show you the need to speed up the match if you don't want to stop early. When a match is successful, the time scale is added. It will automatically shorten the time if during the match process you do not create a match. The more matches you create, the time scale will automatically increase. The game will stop completely until you have used up all the time in the left column of the screen.

Accumulate points

Your points are accumulated from creating matches, the more matches created, the more points you get. However, a match can be more or less depending on the number of a match. Try to match one fruit at the same time to get more points.

Graphics of the game

This game is considered very eye-catching because of its color and showiness. It is this color that easily attracts players along with the cuteness of the fruit's movement that makes this game eye-catching. Immerse yourself in the world of tropical fruits here and elsewhere like Fruity Cubes Island.