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Shapes in the game

Suika Shapes takes the idea from the famous Suika Game with shapes version. Merge shapes from small to large to find the largest shape that is hexagonal.

There are two main types of shapes in the game: circles and hexagons. You will merge the circles together to find the largest shape with the other shape being a hexagon. To differentiate the shapes, each size has a different color with different expressions. This helps you avoid confusion and choose the right place to place them in the box.

Lists of boards to know

There are two types of boards divided on both sides of the screen with the middle image being the transparent box containing the shapes. The table on the right is a list of shapes that appear in the game and it helps you differentiate and measure which types of shapes you have merged and when can you find the largest shape, which is also the character main of the game.

The table on the left is the achievements of the players with the highest total score. The top 3 players with the highest scores will be listed on this list. Do you want your name on this list of bright players?

Rules of the game

Merge shapes and find the biggest shape of the game. However, it doesn't stop there, you need to maintain the invisible box to never be full and overflow from the transparent box if you don't want to be stopped from playing. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right strategy to both create many valuable shapes and not overwhelm the screen.

In short

Suika Shapes is designed with a shape version derived from mathematics. The game not only helps players entertain but also trains your strategic planning ability. The game is very suitable for many different ages, so don't hesitate to try it now!