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Blumgi Bloom is a thrilling game with lovely graphics. Use scissors to cut off all the seeds in the air. Sow the seeds in the soil and grow into a tree.

Plant seeds in the soil and become trees

Use scissors to cut the connecting wire

The seeds are hanging in the air. They are hindered by connecting lines so they cannot self-seed into the soil. And your task is to use scissors to cut the strings that tie the seeds so that the seeds fall into the ground and grow into trees. Cut the vine so that all the seeds can be planted in the soil.

The seeds are blocked by strings in the air. Cut those strings one by one to let the seeds fall to the ground. All seeds need to be planted. Completing the challenge is when all the seeds have sprouted. It doesn't matter how you cut the connecting wires, all that matters is that all the seeds are planted.

Number of seeds to be planted

Not all seeds have to be planted if you go further. Look at the number of seeds required in the land. You can complete or exceed the number of seeds planted.

Diverse challenges

The game offers 100 different levels. Levels are different challenges and each challenge has different difficulties. Use your intelligence to complete all challenges in the best way. The challenge will not be too difficult if you know how to play. The game is also rated with low difficulty, suitable for many players. At the same time, the image of the seed with eye-catching expressions and colorful graphics is the most attractive point in this game.