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Watermelon Game Japanese

Watermelon Game Japanese takes you into a world of lovely graphics fruit characters. Using vibrant colors like food cartoons is the characteristic of this game.

The idea of Watermelon Game Japanese

Where this game is set

This game is an engaging puzzle video game created and published by Aladdin X. This Japanese gem combines engaging elements of puzzle games Drop and merge, providing a unique and addictive gameplay experience. Originally designed for Aladdin With the explosion of introductions and experiences from influential people to the community, especially young people, it has been receiving a lot of attention in recent times.

Origin of the game

The concept of this game finds its roots in a Chinese browser game called Synthetic Big Watermelon (Chinese: 合成大西瓜), which released in January 2021. The inspiration from this Chinese game paved the way for Aladdin X to develop their own version , adding their unique twists and enhancements to create Suika Game. This cross-cultural influence highlights the interconnectedness and innovation within the gaming industry, as ideas and concepts from different regions inspire and shape new creations.

The design is boldly Japanese

Animation world

Japan is known as the world of animated films with many different genres. Animated films are something that is often mentioned in Japan. With Japanese graphic characteristics, there is no other place that can be similar or similar. If you know a lot about Japanese animated television series, you will realize that their common feature is the lovely design, so there is no doubt that the game is designed to be outstanding, lovely and colorful. Japanese animation if you know cartoons related to food.

Redesigned graphics suitable for Japan

To bring life to the original dry fruit slides in Synthetic Big Watermelon, the game uses unique features in its graphics that are unlike any other. The fruits have different expressions creating extreme cuteness. At the same time, the Japanese version also attracts players with its brilliant graphics. If you are familiar with cooking cartoons, you will see the similarities. Using bright colors is a characteristic of food animation films. Therefore, this game did very well with the bold colors of food animation.

Graphics suitable for many ages

Using striking colors is very attractive to players, especially children. They are always attractive with their vibrant colors and simple gameplay suitable for all ages from small to large, so their impact is even greater. Moreover, games suitable for young children are easily approved by parental supervision. It not only helps children perceive colors better as well as learn to distinguish the shapes of fruits.


With its fusion of falling and breaking mechanics, Watermelon Game Japanese offers players an immersive and entertaining journey filled with strategic thinking and skillful gameplay. Its global release allows gamers around the world to engage in the addictive pursuit of merging fruits and striving for high scores. Whether you're captivated by the falling fruits or enticed by the challenge of creating giant watermelons, this game promises an enjoyable experience for puzzle game enthusiasts everywhere.