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Throw the knife properly into the fruit

Knife Way Up is a challenging game that tests your precision and timing skills as you attempt to throw knives and make them stick into a spinning target.

Aim for the target

Your objective is to throw knives and make them stick into the target. To do this, tap or click on the screen to launch a knife towards the target.

Time your throws

The target will be continuously spinning, so timing is crucial. Wait for the right moment and tap the screen to throw the knife when the target's opening aligns with your desired target point. Aim for the empty space between the knives already stuck in the target.

Progress through levels

As you successfully stick knives into the target, you'll progress to higher levels. Each level may introduce new challenges, such as faster spinning or smaller openings, making it more difficult to land your throws.

Earn points and achievements

The more knives you successfully stick, the more points you'll earn. Aim for high scores and try to beat your own records. Additionally, this game may have achievements or challenges you can complete for extra rewards. Another challenge about scores in Watermelon Game Online is also very special and easily attracts players non-stop.

How to throw knives effectively

Be careful when moving

During the game there is only one knife, this knife must move across the surface of the fruit from the bottom up if you do not want the knife to dip in dirty water. Move carefully because the fruits will spin, there are even some fruits that move left and right which can distract you. However, be very focused or the knife may fly out. If the knife flies off the screen or touches the rising dirty water, you will lose. Limit mistakes to get a higher score.

Look before you move

Don't let the knife come into too close contact with the next fruit because it can cause the knife to fly out. Instead, move before the knife enters the fruit at a 90-degree angle. That way you can survive longer. Create a 45 degree angle between the direction of the knife and the next fruit to ensure the knife does not fall out.