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Specifically about Hololive Game

Hololive Game brings together Hololive's most famous virtual Vtuber faces. Merge faces to identify Vtubers appearing in this game. Do you know all the faces?

In this exciting game, the familiar faces of Hololive characters take center stage, replacing the traditional fruits found in Suika Game. If you're a fan of Hololive, you'll have a blast identifying the famous characters featured in this game. We've gathered the most beloved faces that captivate the public, making it a delightful challenge for Hololive enthusiasts.

How to play

The gameplay of Hololive Game is straightforward. Merge two similar character images to create a new character with a larger face. As you progress, reveal the ultimate question: Who is the largest character in the game? The anticipation builds as you merge and discover the biggest character awaiting your victory.

Variation diversity

To add even more excitement, the game offers three different variations for you to choose from. Each variation presents its own unique features and surprises. Take the opportunity to explore all three variations and unlock special elements hidden within them. Additionally, you can preview the characters and immerse yourself in the joy of recognizing the special characters featured in each variation.

Information about Hololive

The founding of Hololive

Hololive is a virtual talent agency and entertainment company based in Japan. It focuses on managing and promoting virtual YouTubers (VTubers) who use animated avatars and personas to interact with their audience. Hololive is known for its diverse roster of VTubers who livestream a variety of content, including gaming, singing, chatting, and performing in virtual concerts.

Hololive was established in 2017 by the company Cover Corporation. The agency initially started with a small number of VTubers and has since grown into a significant presence in the virtual entertainment industry. Hololive's VTubers have gained a massive following both in Japan and internationally, with fans known as "livers" supporting their favorite virtual talents.

Virtual VTubers

Each VTuber in Hololive has their unique character design, personality, and backstory, often represented by an animated avatar or 2D model. They engage with their viewers through livestreams on platforms like YouTube and interact with fans through chat, memes, and fan art. The VTubers also often participate in collaborations, virtual events, and fan meetups.

Hololive has expanded beyond its original Japanese branch and now has several other branches, including Hololive China, Hololive Indonesia, Hololive English, and Hololive Production, each with its own set of VTubers catering to different language communities.

Hololive coverage

The popularity of Hololive and its VTubers has grown hugely, with millions of subscribers and viewers tuned in to watch their streams and support their favorite talents. The combination of virtual avatars, entertaining content, and interactive fan engagement has made Hololive a unique and influential phenomenon in the world of online entertainment.


Prepare for an entertaining and visually captivating adventure in the world of Hololive Game. Merge the charming character, test your knowledge, and revel in the thrill of discovering the largest character in this delightful gaming experience. Enjoy the journey as you encounter beloved Hololive personalities and indulge in the joy of merging their iconic images.