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The gameplay of Level Devil

Are you ready for the most dangerous adventure in Level Devil? Attempt to overcome numerous obstacles to reach the exit portal and collect coins.

Your journey

This engaging game will take you to the devil's room. You will not see any obstacles in the room because they are hidden. Any move can activate the traps in the room. When the obstacles appear, you need to run around or jump to evade the dangers. Your goal is to reach the exit portal safely to complete the level. At some level, you are required to collect all coins before getting to the exit portal. If you want to win the levels in the game, it requires you to build strategies and master movements such as jumping and running.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to guide the character to run around.

If you want to guide the character to jump over the obstacles, you should press an up arrow key.

Press any key if you want to restart the game.

All challenges in Level Devil

Like Hokkaido Game, this game also features many levels. As the name of the game suggests, all levels in this game have devil's degrees of difficulty. At each level, you need to confront a distinct challenge. For example, at level 1, you need to jump over many holes that appear at random. Meanwhile, level 2 features many spike traps which also emerge suddenly. These spike traps are able to move around the room, so you need to run quickly to dodge them. At level 3, high walls will suddenly appear and push you into the holes. Do your best to overcome all challenges and beat all levels in the game.

If you want something more thrilling and challenging, you can try the Speedrun mode in the game. This mode tasks you with winning all levels in the shortest time.