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Merge cats in Cats Drop Game

Cats Drop Game is a game that merges cats together to create the biggest cat of this game. The more big cats you merge, the higher your score will be.

This is a merge genre game, there are many other variations you can find in this genre like Suika Game, so the gameplay of the game is completely similar to other merge games. You need two similarly shaped, similarly sized cats to create another larger, more valuable cat than the small one. Try to create as many big, valuable cats to help your score get higher.

List of cats

To better understand the cats you have merged, the right corner of the screen has a list of cats in the game, the largest cat is the character you need to find. In addition, other cats with lower values will also be clearly shown in this game.

Cat box

The invisible box will be what holds the cats. It is capable of holding many cats however the capacity is limited. You need to have a strategy to both create many cats and have them be of great value so that you can still accommodate other cats without overflowing the box.

How to merge effectively

Having many cats of different sizes in a box is not the best way to get a high score, merging into bigger cats is the way to get a higher score. That's why you need to have the right strategy to create bigger cats at the same time. By arranging the cats in order from small to large, it will be easier for you to create a larger sized cat.