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Overview of Watermelon Game

Watermelon Game is also known as Suika Game. Merge the fruits to find the main fruit is Watermelon. The more high-value fruits you merge, the more points you get.

The game Suika has become a viral phenomenon in Japan, surpassing the popularity of other Japanese games. The game is considered famous because of its cute graphics. Although it was released in December 2021, it has not really gained widespread attention. But recently, with the strong spread of social media, the game has become more known.

Experience playing Watermelon Game

This game is an engaging merge puzzle game. The game revolves around dropping each fruit into a container. When two identical fruits come into contact with each other, they will merge into one larger fruit. The ultimate goal is to get the watermelon, a giant fruit that takes up a significant amount of space inside the container.

Any fruit spills out of the container, the game will be over. The fruits exhibit fascinating physical properties, often shuffling around as you contemplate your next move. Sometimes, what seems to be an unexpected promised combination that you cannot foresee. The game was so successful that many players had to replay it many times to conquer the game more than before.

The widespread spread

This game's sudden popularity can largely be attributed to Vtuber's involvement. Famous Japanese Vtubers, including the beloved Inugami Korone, enthusiastically embraced this game. The game's unique physics and lovely graphics contribute to the game's appeal. It is like a sport that attracts audiences, bringing unexpected and exciting details that keep viewers captivated.

Following the footsteps of famous Japanese Vtubes, social media posts or sharing of interesting information, now many Vtubes around the world are experiencing it. The widespread nature of the game makes it seem like an outbreak.

Many Vtubers, large and small, through small or large subscriptions, set up livestreams to experience this game. Many different views of Vtubers evaluate it, but in general, most of them think that the game is really very good. Attractive, the gameplay is not difficult, but the special feature is the unpredictability of the results as well as its lovely graphics.

Lovely colorful graphics

High aesthetics

This game is known for its charming and delightful graphics and aesthetics. The game typically features a colorful and vibrant art style that is visually appealing and inviting. The fruits used in the game, including the watermelon, are often depicted with bright and eye-catching colors, making them stand out on the screen.

Accessible to many ages

The game's graphics are designed to be simple and approachable, which adds to its accessibility and usually appeal to a wide range of players. The visuals are often accompanied by playful animations, such as fruits bouncing or jiggling when they collide or merge. These animations contribute to the game's lively and engaging atmosphere.

Friendly interface, easy to use

In terms of the user interface, the game generally adopts a clean and intuitive design. The container where the fruits are dropped is typically well-defined, making it easy to see and track the progress of the fruits as they merge and stack up. The text and score elements are presented in a clear and legible manner, allowing players to understand their current performance usually in the game.