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Classic fruit slashing game Fruit Blaster

Fruit Blaster brings you back to the classic game with five-round play. Slash all the fruits, use one slash for many fruits at the same time to get many points.

Blaster as much fruit as possible

This is a fast-paced and explosive game that challenges your reflexes and precision as you blast through a cascade of juicy fruits. Get ready to unleash a fruity frenzy as you aim, shoot, and blast your way to victory!

Step into the role of a fruit shooting ninja armed with a powerful fruit-slicing sword. Your mission is simple: blast as many fruits as possible. Your score will determine how many fruits you successfully cut.

Way to blaster

Using intuitive touch controls or precise mouse movements, you take aim at the colorful fruits that appear on the screen. Tap, swipe, or click to shoot your fruit-blaster, unleashing a barrage of fruit-shattering projectiles. The more fruits you blast in quick succession, the higher your combo multiplier climbs, leading to massive scores and satisfying explosions.

Be careful of bombs

But be careful! Among the fruits, there are sneaky bombs lurking. Hitting a bomb will cost you precious points and potentially end your fruit-blazing spree. Stay focused, react quickly, and prioritize your goals to avoid hitting those explosive surprises.

Vivid graphics

This game features vibrant graphics, captivating sound effects, and exhilarating gameplay that keeps you on the edge of your seat. As you progress, unlock new fruit-blaster cannons, each with unique abilities and power-ups that can turn the tide of the fruit battle in your favor.

Challenge the rankings

Compete against friends, climb the global leaderboards, and strive for the highest scores and achievements. Take on challenging boss fruit encounters and prove your fruit-blaster mastery in special bonus levels. Competing in Suika Game Watermelon is also very interesting that you can try this game.


Prepare for a juicy adventure like no other in this game. Unleash your fruit-blazing skills, create explosive combos, and revel in the satisfying destruction of fruit-filled mayhem. Get ready to blast, score big, and become the ultimate Fruit Blaster champion!