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The World's Easiest Game is ideal if you're looking for a fun and stress-free tournament game. The questions are so simple that you can't get them wrong.

Specifically about The World's Easiest Game

True to the name of the game, it will synthesize all of the world's easiest quizzes with extremely simple questions that will make you wonder if it's possible to answer incorrectly.

Not just a common knowledge test, but also an adventure through colorful and interesting puzzles. You will help Queasy the Cat - the main character of the game, answer all the questions correctly to keep him happy. It is important that you pay close attention to each question and choose the correct answer. Some questions can fool you if you rush and answer impulsively.

Questions related to life tips or basic knowledge you learned in school. There is no limit to the types of questions and the questions are not linked to each other. Use everything you know to answer them.

Challenge to answer all the questions

It seems simple but it is not that simple. You may even have doubts about your choice. But don't worry, they can help you consolidate your knowledge.

With over 100 simple questions to answer, there are only nine lives and consecutive correct answers are required to complete all the questions. Can you complete the challenge of answering all the questions? You will need to think carefully to achieve success.

If you feel this game is too easy for you, move on to the more difficult level at Battleship Online. Where you have to apply knowledge and strategies on how to overcome challenges.