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Battle at sea in this game

Battleship Online is a battle between talented strategists. Your task is to arrange ships in smart positions so that opponents can't attack your ships.

In this game, you will own 6 boats of different sizes. Your opponent will also have 6 boats similar to yours and you need to destroy the enemy boats. You will have to confront an opponent from any country in the world. You need very clever strategies to hide your boats in grid cells. Two players will take turns attacking each other until one player's boats are all destroyed. Besides this game, you may like a multiplayer game - Smash Karts.

How to get the victory in Battleship Online

This game requires logical thinking to find the location of your opponent's ships. You will not be able to see your opponent's ships because they are all underwater.

Select grid cells to shoot

Each time you attack, you will choose a grid cell to fire. If there's no ship there, you'll see your rocket fall into the water. However, there will be an explosion if your missile hits one of your opponent's ships. Selecting each grid cell is not a smart choice because it will waste a lot of time. Think about where to shoot where you believe the enemy ship will dive.

Select two modes

There are two options for you: classic and advanced mode. This mode has the same rules, but you can buy support in advance mode. You can buy attack planes or detection radars with the points you earn. An attack aircraft can fire 5 missiles at once. The detection radar will immediately indicate the position of enemy ships on the grid cells.