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Protect My Dog rescued Shiba from a swarm of aggressive bees that tried to sting him. Also, be careful of obstacles around your dog while avoiding bees.

A thrilling cooperative board game for dog lovers

Are you a dog lover seeking a thrilling and immersive board game experience? Look no further than Om Nom Bubbles, Protect My Dog, a cooperative game that will ignite your passion for canines and put your strategic thinking and teamwork to the test. In this exciting tabletop adventure, players take on the role of devoted dog owners, rescuing the dog from a swarm of aggressive bees that try to attack and cause injury. With just one safe line, you can protect your dog from bees in 10 seconds to win the challenge.

Protecting our furry friends - Shiba

Rescue the poor Shiba

The players face the ultimate challenge: ensuring the safety of their beloved dogs. The scene is a swarm of ferocious bees trying to attack a dog with the hope of injuring the dog. In addition to this threat, the dog also faces many other obstacles. Your goal is to guide your furry companion through this perilous landscape, avoiding hazards and reaching a safe destination.

Avoid aggressive bee swarms

An aggressive hive of bees is trying to attack your shiba dog. They will not give up chasing and stinging until the end. As long as your protective ring is strong, within 10 seconds they cannot be broken, but they will push the dog into another dangerous situation, which is touching an obstacle. You have to protect the dog from the bees while also thinking of ways to avoid touching other obstacles.