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Om Nom Bubbles combines elements of puzzle and arcade gameplay. Inspired by the popular Cut the Rope franchise, Om Nom, known for his insatiable sweet tooth. If you love the character Om Nom, don't miss Om Nom Connect Classic to meet him.

Description of Om Nom Bubbles

Rescue Om Nom's bubbles

You need to help Om Nom rescue his candy by popping bubbles and solving puzzles. The gameplay revolves around shooting bubbles from a cannon to create matches and clear them from the screen. The bubbles come in different colors, and players must aim carefully to create groups of three or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop.

You'll encounter various challenges and obstacles. Some levels may have limited moves or time constraints, adding an extra layer of strategy and urgency. Additionally, there are power-ups and special bubble types that can help players overcome difficult situations or achieve higher scores.

How to play

Move the candy to the position you want by clicking the mouse or pointing at the screen.

How to shoot bubbles effectively

Look for groups of bubbles of the same color that are clustered together. By aiming your bubbles at these clusters, you can create chain reactions and clear multiple bubbles with a single shot, earning more points.

Occasionally, bonus bubbles may appear on the screen. These bubbles can contain extra points or special rewards. Try to prioritize shooting at these bonus bubbles whenever possible to maximize your score.