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Om Nom Connect Classic is inspired by the popular Cut the Rope series, Om Nom Connect Classic offers a fresh twist on the classic match-three gameplay.

Om Nom Connect Classic: Connect two identical shapes

Removes all images on the screen

During the game, the player is provided with a grid filled with images related to Om Nom. The main goal is to connect two identical shapes to remove them from the screen. Complete the challenge by eliminating all the images on the screen before time ends.

Challenges in each level

There are five challenges corresponding to increasing levels of difficulty: In the first level, the removed images will not affect the position of the remaining images, the second level is the position of the remaining images moving in the direction from bottom to top after a couple is removed, with the third level - the position will shift in the direction from top to bottom, with the fourth level - the position will move in the left to right direction and the last level same - the position will move from right to left.

Characters appearing in Om Nom Connect Classic

Many images appear in this game. Not only objects but also some familiar characters that have appeared in the animated film of the same name Om Nom such as Bog, Baby Angry, Handsome Nom, Mino & Nino, Skater, Starrah, Granada... Do you recognize all the characters appearing here?