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Zooplop Poki combines the gameplay mechanics of merge games with adorable animal characters. Merge more valuable animals earn more points is your duty.

Many different animals appear in this game

Similar to SSRB Ball: Suika Game, the objective of this game is to match and merge identical animal images on a grid-based board. By combining two animals of the same type, you create a new animal with a higher level or rarity. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock a wide variety of animals, each with its own distinct characteristics and appearances. Start the game as the character mouse, chicken, crab, hamter, ect. And the tallest character is the shark. The more large-sized characters you create, the higher your score will be.

How to earn more points by merging

Create larger merges

Instead of merging two animals at a time, try to create larger merges by strategically placing animals of the same type adjacent to each other. When you merge multiple animals in one move, you'll earn bonus points and receive a higher-level creature as a result.

Focus on higher-level merges

Higher-level animals yield more points when merged. Instead of merging low-level animals immediately, try to build up their numbers to create more valuable merges. Prioritize merging animals that are closer to their maximum level to maximize your point gain.

Take advantage of combos

Combos occur when multiple merges happen in quick succession. Try to create chains of merges that trigger combos, as each consecutive merge in a combo will earn you extra points. Look for opportunities to set up cascading merges and take full advantage of the combo bonus.