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SSRB Ball: Suika Game belongs to the interesting fusion genre. Here you will meet different cats and merge them to find the biggest and most valuable cat.

Merge cats in SSRB Ball: Suika Game

Find the most valuable cat

A list displayed at the bottom of the screen will show you the cats by value and size from smallest to largest. Merge two same cats to create a bigger cat. Merge the cats one by one to create the largest sized cat. You will move the cat at the top of the screen and put it in the experiment jar. The cats overlap one after another and the same cats will merge together and create a space where you can put other cats. If you love cats, you can visit another similar game at Cats Drop Game.

Avoid spilling out of the test jar

The experimental jar is where the cats are kept. It has a very large area, enough for you to accommodate many cats of different sizes, but the storage space is also limited. When you pile up too many cats and when they pile up to the top of the test jar, be very careful because then you may risk the cats falling out. Once any cat gets out of the experiment jar, the game is over.

Choose the optimal consolidation plan

The optimal unifying solution is to arrange the cats by size from small to large standing next to each other. Placing the cats in order from youngest to largest will help you merge more quickly than the unstrategic merge method. This method helps you get more points as well as limits you from creating too many cats and taking up unnecessary space.