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Tall Man Runner 3D helps 3D people be flexible on dangerous roads. Consider and choose the right path to reach the end of the victory journey with the boss.

Flexibility during move

Transform into an adventurous character living in a world full of danger and exploration. Control the stickman character in this game and Stickman Hook through a series of obstacles and challenges in diverse 3D environments.

You need flexibility in gameplay, quick reflexes and high concentration to overcome difficult levels. You will face obstacles such as cliffs, holes and other obstacles, and you must jump over, slide over or dodge them to avoid dying. Perform movements like jumping high, sliding or running fast to overcome challenges. At the same time, the game also provides you with a variety of weapons and tools to help you win, from boomerangs to explosive mines.

Choose the right path

Choosing the right path is very important. A path with many growth items will give you an advantage. Sometimes, stopping to assess the situation and avoid obstacles is also a smart strategy. Additionally, using collected gems to upgrade your character's starting size and speed will help you progress further.

Run on a racetrack full of traps. At the same time, collect items that increase height and width so the character can grow. This development not only helps you overcome obstacles but is also the key to winning the boss battle.