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Stickman Hook controls the stickman to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line gloriously. Use hanging and jumping skills to complete all challenges.

The adventurous journey of the spectacular stick figure

Climb and jump over obstacles

You will control the stick character to go through obstacles, fly through space, perform risky movements and perform amazing curves. Performing like an aerial dancer wowed the audience sitting below.

Objects appear in the game

Wooden bars: These are horizontal objects placed in different positions on the level. Hang up or jump over the wooden bars to move and continue your journey.

Circles: Circles appear as spinning disks. Jump and cling to the circles to move around them and overcome obstacles.

Gas cylinders: These are objects that bounce up and down in space. Jump in and cling to the gas tanks to use their momentum and cross vast distances.

Pillars: Pillars appear along the level and form paths. Jump up and move along the pillars to continue conquering the level.

Obstacles: Obstacles such as moving obstacles, moving obstacles, or thorny obstacles will often appear. Avoid colliding with them to avoid losing points or ending the game.

Diverse challenges

The game has more than 100 different levels, each level brings new challenges and requires players to use different skills and strategies to overcome. The challenges are all new and the difficulty increases as you progress further. Use every strategy to overcome every challenge.

If you have completed the Stickman Hook challenges, continue your journey to Sausage Flip, a more difficult challenge with a low chance of winning. What do you do to conquer it?