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Flipping mechanics of Sausage Flip

It's time to join the adventure with a cute sausage in Sausage Flip! Take control of the sausage to jump and flip to dodge dangers and reach the finish line.

Like Duck Life, this game also offers a delightful adventure that keeps you engaged and coming back for more. In this game, you assume control of a sausage character and must tap and hold the left mouse button to initiate a flip. Releasing the tap launches the sausage into the air. Therefore, you must carefully time your releases to control the distance and height of each flip. Attempt to help the sausage to overcome various obstacles and high walls to get to the finish line.

How to control

PC: Hold the left mouse button to aim and then release it to launch the sausage to jump.

MOBILE: Hold the screen and release it to launch the sausage to jump.

Captivating features of Sausage Flip

Unlockable skins

As you advance through the game, you can unlock a variety of sausage skins. There are a total of 12 skins and all of them look cool and impressive. After unlocking them, you can choose your favorite skin and join the adventure.

Diverse levels

This game showcases a meticulously designed progression of levels, each presenting unique obstacles and layouts. The game's levels are filled with a myriad of obstacles and interactive elements that test your flipping skills and timing. From rotating platforms and moving obstacles to spikes and narrow gaps, players must strategize their flips and navigate these challenges with precision. The placement and arrangement of these elements create engaging and dynamic gameplay experiences, ensuring that each level presents its own unique set of difficulties. Do your best to accomplish all levels and try out Suika Shooting which is also a great game on our website.