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Romance Academy 2 continues the success of the first version. Wear a yukata, go around the fair and make all the boys fall in love with you.

Still flirting target

The goal of the game is still to win the affection of the boys. When you see any boys, immediately use your love rays to make them completely fall for you. When you see a boy friend appear, quickly win their affection so you can become the most beautiful person at the festival.

Also, use the love rays to defeat the girls running towards you. They have bad motives, so use love rays to defeat the opponent and humiliate them.

What's in the new version?

Following the success of the first season of Romance Academy, this version has improvements in graphics and game difficulty. The game's goal remains the same, but this version has a slight change in form. First is the costume, this version's costume is a yukata and the game's space is at a Japanese festival. Go out in a beautiful yukata and make everyone fall in love with you, especially the guys.

The second innovation in this game is the challenge of competing with girls. Be careful and stay away from girls running towards you, they have bad motives, pushing you down and embarrassing you. You must get out of the way immediately if you see them appear or defeat them.