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Romance Academy plays a student who tries to make the boys in school fall in love with you. Compete with other girls and become the school's beauty queen.

Specifically about Romance Academy

The game takes place in a school and you will go through the school's floors looking for boys and use "love rays" to attract them. However, you need to be careful with other girls and teachers, because they can stop you and take away the boys you've attracted.

The goal of the game is to control your character to attract as many male friends as possible and become the most attractive guy in school. You will need to compete with other characters and use tactics to win this love race.

Become the school's beauty queen

To win the hearts of men, use your love rays to make them completely infatuated with you. When you see any male, click on the object and cast the male's heart spell. When the heart is filled, then the man completely falls in love with you. Win all the love of the boys in school.

Be careful of the difficult supervisor

You need to pay attention to the strict supervisor because the school rules do not allow dating. If you are caught, you will be punished by the rules and if you are caught multiple times, you can also be expelled from school.

Compete for affection with the girls

Not only do you need to win the affection of boys, you need to be careful with the girls because they also want to win the affection of boys. If you and any the girls compete with each other, whoever's love ray is stronger will win. If you fail, you will lose a boys affection. Click continuously so that your love ray can completely defeat the love ray of the girl who is competing with you.