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Gun Head Run enhances the gun's shooting power by sending characters through doors with positive numbers, which adds a layer of strategy to the game.

Collect new gun

Starting the game, lead the main character with the shape of a gun head and human body to choose one of two areas to increase bullets or reduce bullets. Go into the blue ammo increase area and avoid the red ammo decrease area. Make sure you always shoot the gun at the object in front to own a new gun.

To own a gun requires a certain number of bullets. Once fired, the number of bullets will decrease. Until you run out of required ammo, pick up a new gun and experience it.

The more ammunition a gun requires, the more powerful it will be in combat. However, you need to know your abilities, don't stick to the gun beyond your ability or the challenge will end.

The end point of the challenge is stacks of money waiting for you to collect, shoot bullets continuously to own them to increase your money.

Buy Skins in the Shop

The money you earn through each level will be useful for you in exchanging characters. Go to the Shop to own new Skins for your character. Many different shapes and colors are waiting for you to discover, and it increases the excitement and fun of the game.

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