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Dino Game is an endless running game that takes you back to prehistoric times. Reimagining the popular game Google Chrome, it offers a more enhanced experience.

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Race to the ends of the dinosaurs in Dino Game

Avoid all barriers on the way

Control a cute and agile dinosaur as it runs through a desert landscape filled with cacti and other obstacles. The objective is to survive for as long as possible by jumping and ducking to avoid the obstacles in your path.

Navigate the dinosaur's movements

You can make the dinosaur jump by tapping the screen, allowing it to leap over cacti and other barriers. Likewise, swiping down makes the dinosaur duck, enabling it to slide under obstacles that are too low to jump over.

The game becomes progressively more challenging with obstacles appearing at faster speeds and in more complex patterns. Your reflexes and timing will be tested as you strive to set new high scores and unlock achievements.

Outstanding points only available at Dino Game

Do you see the Activate Bot? button? With the original game, you will have to earn your points yourself, but with this game it is different, you can completely use it to have the game automatically earn points for you. This is a new form that the original game does not have, however, to experience the game in the most fun and complete way, earn your own points. Try again many times to get a higher score than before.