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Google Snake Game is an impressive game about snakes. The snake moves nonstop and eats fruit to increase its size. Avoid obstacles to avoid falling unconscious.

About Google Snake Game

This is one of Google's good games, especially about snakes. With inspiration taken from the snake game of the 70s and 90s, this game has paid tribute and once again reappeared to remind and introduce the new generation to this classic game. With the purpose of honoring classic games, although the graphics do not have too many complicated details, they still attract players.

Move around the frame

The snake was stopped by a frame, it couldn't stop to rest so it couldn't do anything other than walk around the frame. Absolutely do not hit the frame because it can cause your snake to lose consciousness. In addition, stabbing yourself also makes the snake unconscious. If you want to get a good score, absolutely do not touch anything other than your food.

Eat fruit to increase size

In addition to always moving around the frame, the snake needs to eat fruit to increase its size. A fruit will be randomly placed in the frame and you need to control the snake to get to the food. After eating one fruit, another fruit will appear in a different location, continuing to control the snake to where the fruit is. Continuously eating fruit helps snakes increase in size. When the snake's length takes up all the space in the frame, then the range of fruit will narrow and run out until the snake's entire body takes up the entire space in the frame.

Easily adjust items

You can adjust the selection of fruits or some other items in the game according to your preferences. The deeper you go, the more you will see the meaning of items other than fruit. Let's explore and learn their effects.

Navigate the snake

Control the snake around the frame, to where the fruit is with the arrow keys.