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Cube Mania collects three identical blocks to remove blocks on the board. Complete the challenge before time ends and act quickly to get all three stars.

Eliminate Cube Mania blocks

Your task is to remove all the blocks on the screen. Collect three identical blocks to eliminate. Do the same with other blocks until there are no blocks left on the screen. You can also see the challenge in Fruit Mahjong is similar.

Container for blocks

When you select any block, it will be moved to a storage space below, which can only hold a maximum of seven blocks of any type, not of the same type. When three blocks of the same type are selected, they are automatically removed from their slots. You can also place any block in the storage space, but be careful because the storage space can only hold a maximum of seven blocks. If the selected block is the seventh block in the sequence, the game ends immediately and you must complete the challenge again.

Pay attention to the time

A certain amount of time automatically calculates the task time at the top of the screen. Take the challenge quickly before time ends. At the same time, if you want to get many stars, you need to successfully remove blocks quickly. The time will automatically scroll down, which can affect the number of stars you receive. If you want to receive many stars, try to successfully remove as many blocks as quickly as possible.

Countless challenges

There are many challenges for you to do. When in the first challenges, you will get acquainted with the easy level. It will get harder as you go further, more challenges like more blocks, harder block removal, ect. This may cause you to receive fewer stars, but practicing will help you improve and overcome this difficulty.