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Play fruit variation mahjong

Fruit Mahjong is a delightful variation of the classic tile-matching game Mahjong with a fruit-themed. Clear all the tiles by matching them in pairs.

Game setup

This game is typically played on a rectangular board consisting of various fruit-themed tiles. The tiles are arranged in a specific pattern, often in the shape of a pyramid or other formations. Each tile is face-down initially.

Tile matching

The goal is to find and match identical pairs of tiles. To do so, you need to click or tap on two tiles that have the same fruit illustration. When you select a tile, it will flip over, revealing the fruit image.

Valid matches

Not all tiles are available for matching. In this game, you can only select tiles that are free, meaning they are not covered by any other tiles and have at least one side (left or right) uncovered.

Correct strategy

The game requires strategic thinking and planning. Since the tiles are arranged in complex patterns, you must carefully consider your moves to avoid trapping important tiles or blocking potential matches. It's crucial to scan the board and choose pairs that will open up new possibilities for matches.

Completion time

In each challenge, you need to do it as quickly as possible before the time ends. Eliminating all the mahjong that appears on the screen skillfully and delicately will help you save time doing the challenge.

Level Progression

The game features multiple levels or stages with increasing difficulty. As you progress, you may encounter more intricate tile arrangements, additional fruit varieties, or new challenges to test your Mahjong skills.


Fruit Mahjong offers a delightful and visually appealing twist on the traditional Mahjong gameplay, combining the strategic thinking of the classic game with the fresh and colorful theme of fruits like Watermelon Game Online. It's a relaxing and enjoyable experience suitable for players of various ages and skill levels.