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Candy Shop Merge combines the sweet world of candies with the engaging mechanics of merging. Combine various colorful candies to create more delicious treats.

Tasks in Candy Shop Merge

You start with a grid filled with different types of candies. By merging two identical candies, you create a new candy of higher value. Continuously merge candies to create higher-level sweets and earn more points.

You will earn money from the candies you create, the more you upgrade the candies, the higher their value. Use the money you earn to buy some gadgets in the store. They will help shorten the task of merging candies. You will also encounter similar quests in Merge Cakes, they only differ in terms of whether the product is cake or candy.

Candy Shop Merge: A world full of candies

Match candies and strategize properly

Strategically plan your moves to create the most valuable combinations. Matching candies of the same level will result in a higher-level candy, allowing you to progress further and unlock new treats.

The value of the candy will determine your income

When you merge and upgrade your candies, it can help you gain a lot of money. The money is also automatically generated to help your income increase. The higher the value of the candy, the higher the income. Use that money in the store to buy candy. Their meaning is to help you shorten the merging time and create more valuable candies.

This game offers a delightful and satisfying gameplay experience for players of all ages. Merge and match your way through a sugary world of candies, unleash powerful combos, and reach new levels of sweetness. Get ready to indulge in a sugary puzzle adventure with Candy Shop Merge!