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Merge Cakes is a combination of a merge game and an idle clicker. Merge two identical cakes to create a valuable cake. They can help you earn more income.

How to create cakes

To create a cake, the main character of the game, you need to merge many different types of cakes. Start with merging two similar low-value cakes to create a higher value cake, continue merging to create multiple cakes of many values, and finally find the rainbow cake, which is the main character of the game.

Order bells

You have to proactively get the cake by ringing the bell to order. You can click on the bell to order faster or let it automatically count down 10 seconds and place it on the cake stand. In addition, occasionally you will receive a reward of any type of cake. This also helps you shorten the time it takes to merge sweets.

Places for cakes

Initially, you only have six places to store the cake. The more valuable cakes you create, the game will automatically add space for you. The area was expanded in the process of consolidating many different types of cakes.

Income is generated from the value of the cakes

The game starts with an ice cream worth 1 coin, when you merge two ice creams to create an ice cream worth 3 coins. They automatically generate income for you and the time to generate passive income will be displayed on the right side of the screen. The more value-creating sweets you merge, the more your income will be. It is not unreasonable for you to have income because they are intended for the purpose of buying things in the store. There are many different types of sweets here and you can exchange them with your money to shorten the merge time and quickly find the highest value cake of this game.