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Block Stacking stacks blocks to reduce the height of the block layer. With simple gameplay and rich graphics, you can change them after a different challenge.

Stack to remove stacks of blocks

A stack of blocks with a relatively high height needs to be shortened by stacking the blocks at the top of the screen. One side of the block consists of four pieces forming a layer that will remove one layer of the block stack. Adjust the h blocks at the top of the screen so that the blocks below create enough layers to shorten the block stack. The blocks at the top of the screen play randomly and you need to rotate them to remove the block below.
To rotate the block left/right, you need to swipe the screen or drag the mouse left/right as you like. To flip the block upside down, just drag the mouse up, and to lower the block onto the stack of blocks, drag the mouse down.

Removes multiple layers at once

Removing a layer of the block stack gives you extra points, but if you want more points, multiply the points by removing multiple layers at once. The more classes removed, the more points received. Do you like the effect of removing multiple layers at once? I think you'll enjoy this more than the score. The feeling of removing many layers is very exciting. The sound emitted when a series of blocks is removed is also very catchy.

Pay attention to the red frame

In the process of stacking blocks to reduce the stack but you cannot shorten it but increase the height, a warning to you is that a red frame appears. You need to shorten the block stack immediately otherwise you will end up if your block stack is higher than the warning line. Therefore, if you don't want to end your unfinished stacking journey, you should create a strategy to keep the block stacking decreasing.

Variety of fruits in graphics

In this game, you will encounter many different types of fruits and you can also choose any fruit that the game suggests to you. It will be changed continuously during a challenge. As well as Fruit Master, you will encounter some fruits like watermelon, tomato, eggplant, ect.