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Blend fruit smoothie

Fruit Master cuts fruit to blend smoothies. Throw the knife at the flying fruits and put them in the blender. Limit launch misses as much as possible.

Slash fruit in the air

Like Suika Watermelon, there are many fruits like apples, oranges, melons, strawberries, ect in this game. They are displayed in the air. The purpose of cutting fruit is to create a smoothie full of nutrients and cooling. There's nothing better than enjoying a glass of fruit juice. To create a complete juice smoothie, you need to slash them all in the air with the least number of slashes. The more fruit, the better the quality of the smoothie.

Choose the right time to throw the knife

The fruits in the air will not stand still but move around in many different directions to distract you. That's why you need to choose to throw the knife at the right time to cut the fruit. The knife can be thrown multiple times in the air but only for a certain amount. The more fruits that appear, the more launches you get. However, you should not be subjective and wasteful to avoid having to try the game again from the beginning.

Unlock new knife

For each successful challenge you will receive a certain bonus. Accumulate them and shop, enjoy other knives in the Shop and find your true love knife.

Plan to launch the knife

You cannot throw the knife unconsciously because that will cause you to lose many unnecessary failed throws. This also wastes your time if you want to go further but have to redo the challenge too much. Observe the direction of the fruit's movement and throw the knife at the right time. The number of missed launches is limited, minimize the number of misses to be able to move on to more difficult challenges.