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Bee Connect immerses yourself in the beehive, where you will play the role of a hard-working bee. Perform mathematical operations to produce the largest number.

Connect the numbers in Bee Connect

The game board in this game is shaped like a large hexagon, resembling a beehive. Inside, there are 37 small hexagons that represent positions in the hive. The board is designed with a golden brown color, enhancing the immersive beehive experience.

Goals to do

Within the small hexagons, you will find numbers ranging from 1 to higher values. The goal is to connect four or more hexagons with the same number. When you successfully create a connection, the hexagons will merge and form a new number that is the sum of the previous ones.

How to move hexagons

To move a hexagon, click on it and then click on the desired destination. Make sure there are no obstacles in the path of the hexagon, as it needs a clear path to reach its destination. The game requires strategic planning and careful decision-making as you aim to create larger numbers and maximize your score.

Key skills you will possess

Bee Connect provides you with four main skills: Refresh, Remove 1, Remove 5, and Remove Same Color. These skills can be activated using stars that you earn by successfully connecting hexagons. Each skill has a different effect, such as refreshing the board or removing specific numbers or colors.

Remember to distinguish between numbers on the board and numbers to be added. Some numbers will appear on the playing field, while others will be added when you make enough moves. Developing strategies to handle the added numbers and adapting your plans accordingly is crucial for success.

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