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Watermelon Pang Pang is almost identical to the original Suika Game. Still the same task, combine fruits together to create the fruit with the highest value.

Reiterate the task

You need to help Pang Pang put the fruits into an invisible box. Two identical fruits merge into another fruit that is larger in size and more valuable. Merge fruits one by one to create high value fruits and find the highest value fruits. Make a reasonable consolidation strategy because there is not too much space to store too much fruit. The game will end when any fruit falls out of the box, so the longer you keep it up, the higher your score.

Evaluate Watermelon Pang Pang's similarity to the original game

When you experience these two game versions, you will see that Watermelon Pang Pang has many graphic similarities with the original version. It is known that the original version, Suika Game, has been very sought after recently due to the appearance of famous streamers.

Its communication comes from famous streamers and its distribution to more viewers makes many people curious and want to experience it. But unfortunately, this original game requires a Steam account and you need to spend some money to experience it.

Knowing the desire of players who cannot own the original version, Watermelon Pang Pang was born. You will experience a version identical to the original version but in an online version - convenient, light, no need to download. Don't hesitate to try it now.