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Tomb of the Mask is a colorful and fast-paced arcade action game where you explore an endless vertical maze, full of mysteries and deadly traps.

Decode the mystery in the tomb

Control a masked character, explore secret rooms in the tomb, decode puzzles and fight enemies in search of hidden treasure. Use the arrow keys or touch the screen to swipe up/down, left/right to move the character. Back to the main focus of the game, you need to move forward because the tomb is gradually collapsing and if you don't want to be crushed to death then quickly move forward, and don't forget to collect money and avoid obstacles. other obstacles.

The speed of the game is getting faster and faster, which means it requires you to concentrate as much as possible because with just one mistake, the game will end. Wanting to earn more points means limiting unnecessary mistakes.

Some obstacles such as spikes, bats, and some other objects will appear in blue for you to notice and avoid, so you don't need to worry too much while performing your mission.

Same point with Pacman

If you look at the graphics, it probably looks quite similar to Pacman because it has dots on the moving path. This is also the idea of this game, in addition, the surrounding black color is the second similar point. Overall, in terms of graphics, it can be seen that the two games have many similarities, but their playing purposes are different. To better understand this difference, try both of these games and let us know what you think.