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Sumo Smash! Inspired by the Japanese Sumo fighting tradition. Play the role of a Sumo wrestler and participate in thrilling matches in the arena.

The battle of the Sumo

The main goal of this game is to push opponents out of the arena or make them hit the wall. You will try to use your own skills, tactics and strengths to defeat your opponents and win.

You will compete with many different Sumo wrestlers and the only survival in the arena is to win. Before entering matches, you can equip items on your Sumo, add weapons or change loincloths to stand out in the crowd.

Sumo Smash! and Smash Karts share the same main characteristic of competing in a multiplayer arena and the only survival is winning. Different form but same genre for those who love such fierce fighting.

How to kick opponents out of the arena

  • Use your power: Your opponent will try to fight back and hold his position. Use your strength and gravity to push hard into your opponents, creating great thrust and taking them out of the arena.
  • Take advantage of space: Observe and take advantage of the surrounding space to your advantage. Pushing your opponent into a corner or edge of the arena will make it easier to push them out.
  • Timing: Hitting your opponent while they are off-balance or off-balance can be an effective way to push them out of the arena. Observe and learn the signs when your opponent is unstable, then take advantage of that moment to attack hard and push them out of the arena.
  • Use the arena environment: Take advantage of elements in the arena environment, such as height differences, obstacles or narrow areas, to your advantage in pushing opponents out of the arena.