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Online Game Suika matches fruits to find the largest fruit, watermelon, which is also the main character of the game. Notice the graphical of this version.

The goal is to find watermelons

Merge the fruits

To be able to create watermelon, you need to merge fruits together. Start with the first cherry, merge two cherries to create a strawberry, two strawberries to create a grape, just merge the fruits one by one, you will easily find the main fruit of the game This is watermelon. One way to identify the fruits you create is not only the different types but also their sizes, more specifically, the fruits you merge will get bigger and bigger and take up space in the box, so You need to have the right strategy to maintain long term.

Pay attention to the box

An invisible box holds the fruits you are on a mission with. It can contain a wide variety of fruits as well as varying amounts of fruit. However, the box only contains a certain amount of fruit. The game will end when there is no more space available to hold any more fruit or one of the fruits in the box falls out of the box. Try to limit space consumption and produce many valuable fruits.

Graphics of Suika Game Online

The strong development of Suika Game has created many different online versions. And each online version is different, they are inspired by the familiar fruits and gameplay in the original Suika Game, in this version you will see the graphics that create the different fruits. . Don't hesitate any longer and start implementing the task right away.