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Subway Surfers Tokyo is located in Japan's vibrant capital. Play as Jake, Tricky, Fresh zipping across tracks and avoiding obstacles on the streets of Tokyo.

Run non-stop with Subway Surfers Tokyo

Play as the main characters Jake, Tricky and Fresh, young and mischievous children on the run from a grumpy sheriff and his dog. Your mission is to overcome obstacles on the road, jump over trains, slide on rails and collect gold coins scattered everywhere. At the same time, avoid colliding with obstacles and avoid being caught by the sheriff.

A special feature of this game is the upgrade and equipment system. Players can use gold coins to purchase new outfits for the characters, ranging from traditional Japanese outfits to modern and stylish outfits. In addition, there are support items such as bat wings, tanks and helicopters that help players overcome difficult challenges and achieve higher scores.

Explore the land of the rising sun, Tokyo

You will experience a modern Tokyo with sparkling neon lights and skyscrapers. Every adventure is an opportunity to explore new areas, from fashionable streets to traditional markets.

Subway Surfers Tokyo not only gives players dramatic racing matches, but also allows them to explore beautiful hidden corners of Tokyo city. From bustling narrow alleys to bustling streets and magnificent cherry blossom banks, players will unlock new locations and enjoy Tokyo's unique landscape.