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Stickman Fighter Mega Brawl enters the world of epic stickman battles where you have to fight against enemies with skilled fighting skills and diverse weapons.

Stickman fighting in this game

Your main mission is to fight and destroy all opponent stickmen, including regular warriors and powerful Stick Bosses. This is an uncompromising war where you must use every skill and weapon available to win.

Use stickman character's fighting skills to attack and defeat opponents. You can use punches, kicks, and different weapons to create powerful attack combos.

At the end of each challenge, you will compete with Stick Bosses, giant Sticks that have great power and you need a lot of energy to defeat them. In this case, instead of normal fighting, use weapons to help you defeat Stick Boss faster.

In addition to self-defense punches, don't forget to have weapons to help you destroy your opponents faster. Use a variety of powerful weapons, special techniques, magic and destructive moves to fight. And to own powerful weapons, you need to exchange the money you earn in competitions.

Besides, be careful of your health level during combat. If you lose all your health before completing the challenge, you will lose, so try to conserve your health in every battle.

Buy weapons at the store

To own weapons that will help you in battles, you need to exchange the money you receive from successful competitions. Weapons will be introduced before you start playing so you can consider whether to use them or not. Don't hesitate to spend money on expensive weapons because their performance will help you complete challenges quickly.