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Stick Hook is a challenging and engaging mobile game where you control a brave stickman who swings over obstacles and reaches the finish line safely.

Swing to the finish line with Stick Hook

The goal of the game is to use the hooks to swing and jump over obstacles, reaching the finish line as quickly as possible. It is important to pay attention to the angle and direction of the swing to be able to pass the levels successfully. Can you control your swing?

Through challenges, you will unlock many new things, especially characters. The character unlock feature allows players to have more options about the appearance and abilities of the stickman they control. This is a reward for the progress and achievements you earn. Each new character usually has a unique design and may have special characteristics or effects when swinging. Unlocking characters is not only fun, but can also help you overcome more difficult levels with that character's special skills.

Strategy to reach the finish line safely

Stickman Hook also offers tips and tricks to help players: you don't always need to hang on to every hook you see. Some hooks are not needed to cross the finish line. Sometimes you can still be swinging even though you don't see yourself on the screen. As long as you still have the line connected to the hook, you still have a chance!

Use left mouse or spacebar to hold and swing. This game has become popular and inspired many other Stickman games like Sticky Fruits that you should try.