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Stair Race 3D tries to climb the stairs in a 3D environment. Move as fast as possible on the stairs, avoid collisions with obstacles and other opponents.

Be specific about the task

Compete against other players on the same table. You need to control your character to cross the stairs, avoid obstacles and try to move as fast as possible to reach the finish line before them. Your opponents will also try to do the same, creating a tense and competitive race.

Strategy to reach the finish line first

  • Focus on speed: Prioritize your character's movement speed. Try to move as quickly as possible on the stairs without being delayed by obstacles. Use control keys or gestures to flexibly adjust movement speed.
  • Find the optimal path: Learn how to find the shortest and fastest path on each step. Pay attention to the location and distance between obstacles. There may even be shortcuts or other routes to get around the stairs efficiently.
  • Use jump attacks and special skills: Use jump attacks or special skills that you can use to help you overcome obstacles or increase movement speed. Make sure you know how to use and activate them effectively to get an edge in the race.

3D characters in the game

The characters often have a simple and neat appearance, designed with bright and striking colors to attract attention. The characters are relatively small in size and have simple lines, making it easy for players to see and determine their position on the board.

Even though the characters do not have facial features or complex expressions, they still allow players to recognize other players and create awareness during the race. But due to the simple design, the characters cannot express each player's personalization or style.