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Stacktris is a classic game but still full of creativity and addiction. Inspired by Tetris, this game brings players hours of fun and exciting challenges.

Stacktris: New Tetris gameplay with unique combinations

Your task is to arrange blocks of different shapes to form a complete horizontal row. Once you make a line, it will disappear and you will receive points. Your task is to line up as many rows as possible to achieve the highest score.

The blocks will fall from above and you can move, rotate and place them in the appropriate position using the arrow keys or gestures on the touch screen. The game will become increasingly difficult as the falling speed of the blocks increases, requiring you to have quick reflexes and good puzzle strategy.

Outstanding features

Beautiful interface and vibrant sound: The game has a simple yet attractive interface, with bright colors and a user-friendly design. Vivid sounds and vibrant background music create an enjoyable gaming experience.

Diverse game modes: The game offers many different game modes so you can challenge yourself and practice your puzzle skills. You can play classic mode aiming for the highest score, or challenge yourself with limited time mode or limited space mode.

Beautiful graphics: The game possesses beautiful and colorful 3D graphics, giving you an impressive visual experience.

Simple controls: The game has simple and easy controls, suitable for all ages. Just use the mouse or touch the screen, move to the place you want to play.