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Stack Tower tests players' timing skills and accuracy. Build the tallest tower possible by stacking blocks on top of each other and not letting them fall.

Specifically about Stack Tower

Start with a block that is sliding left and right horizontally. The goal is to tap the screen at the right moment to stack the block directly on top of the previous one. As the tower grows taller, the blocks become smaller, making it increasingly challenging to stack them accurately.

The game has many different levels for you to choose from and the levels will gradually become more difficult to challenge the player more. Try to complete the challenge successfully, don't let any falling objects affect the building.

How to effectively husband the house

Watch for the right timing

The key to success in this game is to time your taps correctly. If you tap too early or too late, the block may not align properly and parts of it may overhang, causing the excess to be chopped off. If too much of the block is chopped off, the tower becomes shorter, and the game ends if the tower reaches a certain height threshold.

High concentration is essential

The gameplay in Stack Tower is simple yet addictive, as players strive to build the tallest tower and beat their own high scores. It requires focus, concentration, and quick reflexes to stack the blocks with precision. The game's minimalistic graphics and straightforward controls contribute to its accessibility and appeal.

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