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Slice Rush experiences slicing plants and vegetables with a knife. Slice all fruits and vegetables and don't let the knife touch anything other than them.

Description of Slice Rush

Cut everything with a knife

On the table are arranged many different types of fruits and your task is to hold a knife and cut the fruit into many slices. Do you like the feeling of hearing the sound of food being sliced? Wear headphones and enjoy this lively sound. Cut every fruit on the table as long as you see them. Starting the game the cutting speed is very slow but the more you cut, the faster the speed becomes. Increase the speed to cut more thin slices, this helps increase your score. Also, you should not cut anything other than fruit because it can cause your knife to chip.

Items are cut

As you progress further, you will unlock more fruits as well as some other agricultural products. The initial fruits include bananas, apples, oranges, the further you progress you gradually unlock other fruits such as watermelon, star fruit, peach, ect. For agricultural products, you will unlock some things like mushrooms, carrots, ect.

Don't cut anything else except fruit

In addition to the fruits on the table waiting for you to slice, there are some objects blocking your knife such as cutting boards, saw blades, ect. These items cannot be sliced, so if you cut them, your knife will be knocked unconscious, resulting in your slicing speed from fast to slow. This affects the transcript you receive.

After each successful slicing challenge, the more pieces you slice into at a faster speed, the more points you get. These points are converted into diamonds and it can help you buy a new knife with better features.