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Shell Shockers is a first-person shooter game where you play as adorable warrior eggs. Your duty is to destroy opponents in high-quality multiplayer matches.

The battle of the eggs

Engage in fast, thrilling and action-packed matches. Use the egg gun to destroy other eggs in the match. Be agile and accurate in shooting to defeat your opponents and gain the advantage. Surviving to the end is the main mission. You can choose between different character classes, each with their own weapons and special abilities, equipped with egg guns and must use shooting skills and flexible movement to defeat opponents. Also, don't forget to refresh your egg by changing its skin to make your egg more lively and attractive during the intense battle.

Features of the game

Here you will see a lot of diversity such as:

Diverse game modes

  • Team Deathmatch: Two teams compete against each other to achieve the highest kill score.
  • Free for All: Every player fights against each other and the last remaining player wins.
  • Egg Hunt: The player must collect as many eggs as possible within a certain time.
  • Battle Royale: Players fight until there is only one survivor.

Many types of weapons and items

With over 20 different weapons, from pistols and shotguns to rifles and flamethrowers. In addition, there are many types of support items such as grenades, shields and helmets.

Many maps to explore

The game has more than 10 different maps with unique terrains and layouts, giving players new combat experiences.