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Run Kaiju Run helps the adorable and funny monster carry out his mission. Help the monster reach the finish line and collect as many eggs as possible.

Run with adorable Kaiju on a journey!

Character description

With beautiful graphics and exciting music, Run Kaiju Run offers players a fun and exciting adventure. The main character is a round and adorable monster, with short legs and a bit chubby. The most special feature is his plump butt. When it moves, it bounces so you can sit still and just want to pinch it. Do you like such adorable monsters?

Collect the eggs

Your mission is to help Kaiju collect eggs along the way but be careful of all obstacles. Once you touch an obstacle you will lose an egg, so try not to drop them meaninglessly.

The control

The game uses the left and right arrow keys to move monsters through dangerous obstacles. Any collision will force you to start over, so be careful and concentrate.

Shop at Store Run Kaiju Run

The collected eggs you get are used as currency. You can use them to buy useful items in the store. Exchange 50 eggs to receive "Head Start" and many other useful items. Make lots of coins and use them wisely to help you get through the races.

This game gives players a simple but exciting journey. With a diverse level structure and increasing difficulty, you will never get bored. Hurry and join our adorable monsters to explore the world and conquer new goals in Run Kaiju Run!