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Rabbids Volcano Panic is a race of many Rabbids on a giant volcanic island. Compete against many opponents and find the lone surviving Rabbid in the arena.

Travel to the kingdom of the Rabbids

You will visit a kingdom of Rabbids, where rabbits with funny faces live on a small island. However, an incident of a volcanic eruption caused them to panic and flee. Is it possible to successfully escape from a volcano?

How to become the last survivor?

As you move through the game, you must constantly move to avoid collapsing areas that turn into dangerous lava flows. The ground beneath your feet can collapse at any moment, so quick reflexes and careful movement are essential to escape your fiery destiny.

Don't forget, bonus items appear randomly on the island. You really need them because these items increase your chances of survival.

Bad play doesn't always have to be criticized, set traps for other players. Use items strategically and set traps to stop your opponents' progress. By making them slip and fall, you can give yourself an advantage.

Always remember, the goal of this game is to survive. As the lava continues to collapse, you must try to overcome all your opponents and become the last living person on the island. This is a race against time and opponents, requiring agility and flexible movements to avoid the fierce destruction of the volcano.