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Purble Place is a legendary game associated with childhood, a collection of colorful and interesting games pre-installed on the Windows operating system.

Origin of the game

Purble Place was developed by Microsoft and comes with the Windows Vista operating system, released in 2007. It has attracted interest and affection from a number of players, especially children and adults. came of age during the popularity of Windows Vista. Although this game has not been integrated into Windows operating system versions after Windows Vista, it and Fruit Blaster still retain a special place in the hearts of players and has become an indispensable part of the game's memories from the past childhood.


Purble Place is a collection of three unique mini-games, including Purble Pairs, Comfy Cakes, and Purble Shop. Each game has simple but addictive gameplay, and gives players interesting challenges.

  • Purble Pairs is a game to find pairs of similar images by opening and flipping bricks. Find the correct pair of images in the shortest time to earn high scores.
  • Comfy Cakes becomes a chef and makes cakes according to customers' requests. Choose the right types of cakes, creams and additives to make cakes according to customer requirements. Carefulness and agility are two important factors for success in this game.
  • Purble Shop is a store management simulation game. Play as a store owner and must satisfy customers' needs by choosing the right items they are looking for. This game requires strategic thinking and time management to achieve business goals and attract more customers.