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Puffy Cat is a fun puzzle adventure developed by Playful Paws Games. It brings together the irresistible appeal of cats and the cerebral fun of puzzles.

Puffy Cat: A Charming Puzzle Adventure

Accept the task of bursting balloons

Helping the yellow cat break the red shadow is your mission. Cats don't like balloons, they like to explode them, so every challenge in this game is to explode balloons at all costs. Some obstacles can slow you down in popping the balloon, but they also help you complete the challenge. Use your brain to overcome obstacles to burst balloons.

The cat cannot pop the balloon on its own, so the platform the cat is sitting on can be broken and the cat falls from above. Draw all the results and choose the best path to complete the challenge.

How to move the cat

Click on the platform to make the cat roll down. As you progress, you will encounter new and interesting mechanics that will test your puzzle solving skills. With each successfully completed level, you will unlock new stages, adding complexity and variety to the puzzles.

Review about Puffy Cat

Whether you're a casual gamer in search of a relaxing experience or a dedicated puzzle enthusiast hungry for a challenge, this game has got you covered. The game offers a wide range of levels designed to cater to your specific preferences and skill level. So, whether you're looking for a leisurely puzzle-solving session or an exhilarating brain-teasing adventure, Puffy Cat provides the perfect balance of fun and challenge tailored just for you.